REM -Swan Swan H

No particular reason for sharing this, except that I heard it the other day and remembered just how wonderful it is. I honestly don’t think it’s possible to have too much REM in your life. Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group Swan Swan H (2011 Remaster) · R.E.M. Lifes Rich Pageant ℗ 2011 Capitol […]

Raynor Winn – The Salt Path

I loved this book in many ways. It was such a wonderful glimpse into life on the edges of what we so oddly call ‘civilisation’. I got a feel for the freedom of it, the peace of it, the quiet, the fresh air, and at times I was envious. You get to experience life in […]

My ADHD Brain, Episode Nine: The Inner Life

So, apparently a lot of people don’t have an inner life. I’ve always thought I have a good imagination but this is one thing I simply can’t imagine. It’s like trying to grasp that space is infinite. I know that it is, but the imagination just can’t quite deal with it. Thus my imagination can’t quite […]

Soccer Mommy – Circle the Drain

A friend of mine recently posted this on facebook as a recommendation and I absolutely love it. Great tune and fantastic lyrics. I wanna be calm like the softSummer rain on your backLike the fall of your shouldersBut everything just brings me back downTo the cold hard groundAnd it keeps getting colderIt’s a feeling that […]

Library Trip

I’ve just been to the library for the first time in over a year. The kids and I pretty much skipped over the threshold. Came back with my bag bulging! I even found my long lost library card (which had been hiding in plain sight in… er… my wallet) 10 minutes before I was going […]

My ADHD Brain, Episode Eight: Out of Time

So, one of the biggest things associated with ADHD is that we are bad at time keeping and can suffer from time blindness.  Personally, this isn;t my worst ADHD trait, there are other things I am way worse at, but I am not great either. I do find I can totally lose track of time, […]

Pixies – Where is My Mind?

A blimmin’ awesome song from a blimmin’ awesome band, and highly appropriate to my recent posts. If you don’t listen to Pixies (and it seems an alarming number of people in my life don’t) then seriously, you’re missing out. As well as being superb in their own right I find that every time I listen […]

My ADHD Brain, Episode Seven: The Invisible Pixies

My ex used to say to me on a daily basis, sometimes in an exasperated tone, sometimes in a downright nasty tone, “Did the pixies do it?” or “Ah yes, another one for the pixies”. And no, he was not talking about the band (but that has set off trains of thought in my head […]

My ADHD Brain, Episode Six: The Moral Maze

For me personally, and I know this is the case for many others with ADHD, the hardest thing is actually dealing with other people’s judgement and, worse, their obvious disappointment when they realise that I’m actually a ‘bad person’. Of course I’m not, but a lot of my behaviours can make it seem that way. […]

Jimi Hendrix – Live at the Newport Festival 22nd June 1969

As I am supposed to be educating my children in our spare time I thought I should start their musical and cultural education in earnest. So today we watched this. Had the whole set on the TV. The kids wandered in and out but mostly they were captivated, stopping by to dance, comment and ask […]


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